Prologue and First Two Chapters


The prologue and the first two chapters have gone through a second proofreading and are now available for viewing. Also, some new artwork has been completed and will be included in upcoming articles.


An Introduction from the Author


Hello everyone. My name is Eric Hanson and I am the author of the novel, Zhyx.

Zhyx tells the story of a group of misfit adventurers who, after stealing a piece of treasure from a dragon’s hoard, are thrust into a quest to destroy an evil entity who once ruled their world, and promises to return to reclaim his empire. With an angry dragon hot on their trail, they search for a hero who appears every few generations, a hero known as the Champion. The Champion is someone destined to be the guardian of their world and protect it from all that could harm it. When they do finally find their Champion, they get the surprise of their lives, but even then, their adventure has barely begun.

Zhyx is a departure from some fantasy conventions and while the world is very much like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, tonally, the story is much closer to the Indiana Jones series, featuring breathtaking set pieces and a fair amount of humor. Several elements helped inspire the story, from the works of H.P. Lovecraft to movies like the 1978 Superman, the Godzilla series, and Italian Spaghetti westerns.

Serious production on this novel began last October where it was originally intended to be a graphic novel. Extensive work was done on the part of two talented illustrators who provided panel work and concept art. Last July, while meeting with an editor, it was suggested that the story be converted into novel form instead, and since the third of July, 203 pages of the book have been written (Not including deleted material). Our artists, creature designer David Sword, page artist Joseph Buehrer and weapon and background designer Cullen McCurdy continue to provide excellent work which will be included in the final product.

The first two chapters, numbering 45 pages, will be made available for free. You can also brush up on character bios and regular postings of the artwork. This page will be updated whenever new pages are written, and also we don’t want to deprive you of news on our eventual publication.

We hope you all enjoy yourselves here, and look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to the world of Zhyx.