Writing Updates and New Image Sneak Peek

Yesterday I was able to get a lot written. A total of eleven pages. Will try to get more written tonight. Joe and I have scheduled another meeting for next Wednesday, and there will be more sneak previews of works in progress then, as well as some beginning work on the promotional covers. Here is another image of the illustration of Zhyx in the novel’s opening scene that he had been working on. This shows some of the additional detail he put into the face and gives a much closer look of our leading man. This will be subject to some changes in detail later on, but it is shaping up to look rather nice.

The scene that is being written right now is a critical plot point where the character of Citch becomes increasingly unhinged by the antics of a saboteur in their midst who rears their head again while they are crossing the channel between the country of Haiden and the country of Nyll. While it was difficult to get started, it has since become a very fun and interesting scene to right, really delving into the character’s inner thoughts and paranoia, and setting up the final confrontation between him and the mysterious saboteur that occurs in the fifth and final movement.

An article on the five moons in the sky is in the works which will be posted in the World Building section. Looking forward to hearing what you all think of that and sharing with you the news of the meeting next week.


Meeting with Joe & Outline Progress

Celice & Hunter Carry WordPress

Last night’s meeting with Joe went very well. Work on this illustration of Celice and Hunter is starting to shape up and we will be having another meeting on Wednesday where we will do additional work on these and get started figuring out the cover and other promotional images.

Cullen McCurdy and I also had two very successful brainstorming sessions that helped hammer out the issues with the 2nd and 3rd movements. Managed to get some writing done last night while Joe and I were chatting on Skype. This will help the writing process go much more smoothly as we now have it mapped out.

Hard to believe we all first got together and began work on this a year ago. We sure have gotten a lot done in a year.

Anyway, I think it would be fun to give all of you a small sample of what has been written this week. Here is part of a scene when Zhyx and River are talking about the dragon’s language.


“It’s a good tongue.” River responded. “I like it.” He was being honest. It was the type of language he would like to learn. Something about it was not like any language he had heard. Not just the way it sounded, but the way if felt to say the words. There was an odd sense of power behind them. It made him feel strong and confident. 

            Zhyx grinned at him a little. Before he answered, River spotted something in his eyes. Something he couldn’t quite place. He had a brief flash to Mom, but then there was nothing. Zhyx’s face filled back up with the usual snide condescencion he had begun to get used to.

            “If nothing else, you have good taste.” Zhyx leaned down to him. “So tell me, what words to you think you will be able to remember?”

            River started to get excited. So many words he wanted to know. Adventure. Fun. Food. Laugh. What he blurted out was more impulsive than anything else.


            “Pha!” Zhyx shouted. “Feeling sentimental?”

            Zhyx waited for him to say something, but River didn’t answer. The dragon glared at him, trying to break him. Trying to get him to waver a little, but River didn’t budge. He just waited for the word.


            Jundhei. That was a nice word. A beautiful word. River actually smiled a little. “Kind of pretty.”

            Zhyx just shook his head. “You would like it even if I told you the word for dung, wouldn’t you?”

Joseph Buehrer Meeting Updates

Just finished the meeting with Joseph Buehrer where we discussed and mapped out an illustration of Ranseur, and he did some additional work on River. Obviously the serpent man is looking great and threatening. We are very happy with the improvements made to the face tonight. The design is still subject to some change, but we are now plenty closer to what we are going for. As far as writing goes, managed to get five and a half written today, adding the final cap on the third movement.

The fourth movement, which sets the stage for the climax, now has a proper name. ORPHAN’S MEMORY. Writing on that will begin tomorrow.

Below are pictures of the progress that Joe has made so far. The meeting with Cullen is tomorrow so I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Ranseur ArtRiver Illustration 3Zhyx Layer 7

Re-Outlining Progress

Hello friends. I understand I have been absent for a little while, but here is an update. Have mainly been working on re-outlining the final two movements,  and just tonight returned to writing. On top of that, I will be having a Skype meeting with artist Joseph Buehrer tonight to figure out additional illustrations and check on works in progress. Will show you some samples of those tomorrow.

Also have another meeting with  and with Cullen McCurdy tomorrow to hammer out more details in the story and plan out some of what will be re-written for the next draft.

These final two movements do present some challenges, but they have been fun to figure out. Making sure that this finale is exciting, spectacular, and appropriate.

Final Two Movements

Well, it has been a long road leading up to this, but drafts the first three movements of the story, The Seventeenth Champion, The Informant Marks the Spot and Into The Maw, have been completed, adding up to a grand total of 330 pages. Am going to be taking a break from page writing in order to re-organize the outline for the final two movements, those being Awakening and The Spire (Titles subject to change). These movements have some of the scenes I am most looking forward to writing, but some stringing together needs to get taken care of first to make sure it all comes together. Regardless, feels great to be over half way done with this draft, and after that comes the tweaking and re-writing. In the mean time, the next article for World Building is in the works.

Page Update

I missed the four page minimum on the 6th, but was able to make up for it yesterday evening. Wrote a total of eight pages and got done with a very crucial scene, where our heroes have to escape from a very sticky situation.

Slight spoiler. The way they get out makes all the smaller ones slightly stickier.

Here is a portion of the progress on Joe’s latest illustration. Joe’s work is simply breathtaking.

Joe Illustration 2

First Digital Render Articles Are Up

The first two articles depicting Cullen’s digital renders, the first of the layout for Zhyx’s layer and the second of the weapons for Sariilan and Ranseur, are now up and available for viewing in the concept art section. Enjoy these loving digital renders as well as a preview of the work done on the book’s next high detail illustration by Joseph Buehrer.

First Two Introduction Articles are Up

The introduction articles for Cullen and I are both up for you to take a gander at. Hopefully we won’t weird you out and scare you away too fast.

Had a successful meeting with Joe last night and a few more illustrations have been commissioned, and he will get to work on his article soon. David has begun his, so that will be up shortly.

Page count continues to climb.  Got six done the day before yesterday and four done last night, so we are still working.

Enjoy the articles and look forward to seeing you around.