Meeting with Joe & Outline Progress

Celice & Hunter Carry WordPress

Last night’s meeting with Joe went very well. Work on this illustration of Celice and Hunter is starting to shape up and we will be having another meeting on Wednesday where we will do additional work on these and get started figuring out the cover and other promotional images.

Cullen McCurdy and I also had two very successful brainstorming sessions that helped hammer out the issues with the 2nd and 3rd movements. Managed to get some writing done last night while Joe and I were chatting on Skype. This will help the writing process go much more smoothly as we now have it mapped out.

Hard to believe we all first got together and began work on this a year ago. We sure have gotten a lot done in a year.

Anyway, I think it would be fun to give all of you a small sample of what has been written this week. Here is part of a scene when Zhyx and River are talking about the dragon’s language.


“It’s a good tongue.” River responded. “I like it.” He was being honest. It was the type of language he would like to learn. Something about it was not like any language he had heard. Not just the way it sounded, but the way if felt to say the words. There was an odd sense of power behind them. It made him feel strong and confident. 

            Zhyx grinned at him a little. Before he answered, River spotted something in his eyes. Something he couldn’t quite place. He had a brief flash to Mom, but then there was nothing. Zhyx’s face filled back up with the usual snide condescencion he had begun to get used to.

            “If nothing else, you have good taste.” Zhyx leaned down to him. “So tell me, what words to you think you will be able to remember?”

            River started to get excited. So many words he wanted to know. Adventure. Fun. Food. Laugh. What he blurted out was more impulsive than anything else.


            “Pha!” Zhyx shouted. “Feeling sentimental?”

            Zhyx waited for him to say something, but River didn’t answer. The dragon glared at him, trying to break him. Trying to get him to waver a little, but River didn’t budge. He just waited for the word.


            Jundhei. That was a nice word. A beautiful word. River actually smiled a little. “Kind of pretty.”

            Zhyx just shook his head. “You would like it even if I told you the word for dung, wouldn’t you?”


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