Writing Updates and New Image Sneak Peek

Yesterday I was able to get a lot written. A total of eleven pages. Will try to get more written tonight. Joe and I have scheduled another meeting for next Wednesday, and there will be more sneak previews of works in progress then, as well as some beginning work on the promotional covers. Here is another image of the illustration of Zhyx in the novel’s opening scene that he had been working on. This shows some of the additional detail he put into the face and gives a much closer look of our leading man. This will be subject to some changes in detail later on, but it is shaping up to look rather nice.

The scene that is being written right now is a critical plot point where the character of Citch becomes increasingly unhinged by the antics of a saboteur in their midst who rears their head again while they are crossing the channel between the country of Haiden and the country of Nyll. While it was difficult to get started, it has since become a very fun and interesting scene to right, really delving into the character’s inner thoughts and paranoia, and setting up the final confrontation between him and the mysterious saboteur that occurs in the fifth and final movement.

An article on the five moons in the sky is in the works which will be posted in the World Building section. Looking forward to hearing what you all think of that and sharing with you the news of the meeting next week.


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