Saar’Jya Colorized

Saar'Jya Colorized


The lovely Saar’Jya gets colorized in this rendition. As the character is a deity, her colors were to reflect her divinity, her gold, brass and yellow hues dominating her form, and even her gums and tendons taking on a more violet appearance. This, as with Heavy, serves to bring out her eyes, a strong and beautiful mixture of blue shades. Great work on David’s part for this sketch. It was great fun to color it. As with Heavy, this likeness will be added to her article in the concept art section.

In celebration of this piece getting completed, here is that very special taste of her ‘gentle’ and ‘soft spoken’ personality again.

Saar’Jya “What, did you think we would pick some modest little down on his luck farmer with big dreams from some bum fuck village in the middle of nowhere? Already did that one. No. We are going to go with the dirty fighting, far flying, fire breathing colossus of death.”


Heavy Colorized


Article on the language is coming along great. Another colorization has been completed, this one of the evil Heavy. We always pictured him with more dull and sandy colors, the only brightly colored feature on him being his sharp yellow and green eyes. Took a lot of work to get this done, but we are happy with how it came out and are looking forward to seeing more detailed images of him in the future.

This image will be added to the article on the character.

Update on Page and Word Count, Artwork, and New Quotes


And the situation is….

435 pages.

159,295 words.

Half way through the 4th movement.

One more movement to go afterwards, then it is off to the publishers and proofreading.

We have started work on our cover, which you will be kept up to date on as it takes shape. Also have begun another world building article, detailing the mechanics and construction of the dragon language in the book.

Above is a work in progress, David’s new sketch of the sinister Citch, who has a very big scene coming up, I may add.

In celebration, here are a few choice quotes that were completed yesterday. Hope you all enjoy them, and spread the word. This thing is getting done, and we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.

Dragon Slayer   “What, dragon? You want to hide behind your fire? Afraid to face me up close?”

Zhyx   “No. I just prefer my meat cooked.”

Blondie    “They outnumber us two to one!”

Celice   “Good. Then all we have to do is shoot twice.”

Update on Page and Word Count


Got back into the swing of things today and polished off seven pages, finishing up a crucial sequence in the story. That brings the page count to 403, 426 if material from later on is included.

That is right. 146, 358 words and counting. And to top it off, we even got more art working coming in. Productivity is up, and so are spirits.

We’re getting this stuff done. To celebrate, I am going to set aside some time to work on another world building article, this one dealing with the world’s five moons. Hope you all will enjoy it.

Good News and Progress


After several days of trying to find a place I can afford, I am finally locked in and set up in some cheap housing in Los Angeles. Now that this has been taken care of, I will have  a lot more free time and will be able to write. Was able to knock out 2 and a half pages last night. Not a lot, but it is a start. Will keep everyone posted about progress and showcase any new artwork we have to offer. Also, David Sword is working on some new sketches of the character of Citch, so those will be coming along shortly and the article in concept art will be updated accordingly.

Weekly Meeting Update

Been hard at work moving into my new place as of late, but work has not stopped. The outlines for the final two movements have been getting plenty of attention and are right now largely mapped out, so once I am settled in and able to get the bills paid, I can devote more time to the book.

In the mean time, Joe and I continue to hold our weekly meetings. So far, we have begun to map out additional illustrations and even our cover. Right now, we are very interested in doing something similar to Drew Struzan’s work. The man behind the posters for the Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Back to the Future movies. His posters sum up those movies so well, and the prospect of having a cover in the same style is something we are both very enthusiastic about. We started figuring out a composition for it last night.

Check out his work and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.