Weekly Meeting Update

Been hard at work moving into my new place as of late, but work has not stopped. The outlines for the final two movements have been getting plenty of attention and are right now largely mapped out, so once I am settled in and able to get the bills paid, I can devote more time to the book.

In the mean time, Joe and I continue to hold our weekly meetings. So far, we have begun to map out additional illustrations and even our cover. Right now, we are very interested in doing something similar to Drew Struzan’s work. The man behind the posters for the Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Back to the Future movies. His posters sum up those movies so well, and the prospect of having a cover in the same style is something we are both very enthusiastic about. We started figuring out a composition for it last night.

Check out his work and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.


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