Update on Page and Word Count, Artwork, and New Quotes


And the situation is….

435 pages.

159,295 words.

Half way through the 4th movement.

One more movement to go afterwards, then it is off to the publishers and proofreading.

We have started work on our cover, which you will be kept up to date on as it takes shape. Also have begun another world building article, detailing the mechanics and construction of the dragon language in the book.

Above is a work in progress, David’s new sketch of the sinister Citch, who has a very big scene coming up, I may add.

In celebration, here are a few choice quotes that were completed yesterday. Hope you all enjoy them, and spread the word. This thing is getting done, and we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.

Dragon Slayer   “What, dragon? You want to hide behind your fire? Afraid to face me up close?”

Zhyx   “No. I just prefer my meat cooked.”

Blondie    “They outnumber us two to one!”

Celice   “Good. Then all we have to do is shoot twice.”


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