Saar’Jya Colorized

Saar'Jya Colorized


The lovely Saar’Jya gets colorized in this rendition. As the character is a deity, her colors were to reflect her divinity, her gold, brass and yellow hues dominating her form, and even her gums and tendons taking on a more violet appearance. This, as with Heavy, serves to bring out her eyes, a strong and beautiful mixture of blue shades. Great work on David’s part for this sketch. It was great fun to color it. As with Heavy, this likeness will be added to her article in the concept art section.

In celebration of this piece getting completed, here is that very special taste of her ‘gentle’ and ‘soft spoken’ personality again.

Saar’Jya “What, did you think we would pick some modest little down on his luck farmer with big dreams from some bum fuck village in the middle of nowhere? Already did that one. No. We are going to go with the dirty fighting, far flying, fire breathing colossus of death.”


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