Illustration Update and Chapter Proofreading

Here we are. Illustration 1 is looking good. Aside from the colors and a few minor details, the main subjects are finished. As you can see, even in the foreground, Celice is dwarfed by the great wyrm. Once the background is done and the detail and colors are added, this beauty will be finished. The background will showcase Zhyx’s impressive treasure hoard.

Truly, this wyrm is the vision demons have in their nightmares.

As for the book itself, began work on chapter 6 today. Broke 23,500 words, or four pages. You know, I am not sure this is a story that can be finished 60,000 words. The proofreading of chapters 1 and 2 is nearly finished, and they will be posted sometime in the next few days. Hope you all will enjoy them.


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