Article on Joseph Buehrer’s Concept Art is Up

Joseph Buehrer has given much to this book in the form of his sketches which serve as the templates for his illustrations.

Though in the middle of graduate school and juggling around his own projects and assignments, he is always sure to give as much time and attention to this project as he can.

Early on, he churned out many wonderful pieces of concept art.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure, as well as brief descriptions on how they came to be. Hope you all enjoy.


2nd Draft of Chapters 1 and 2 are up.

Great news everyone. If you look up top, you will see that the new versions of chapters 1 and 2 are up and available for reading. The first person narration defiantly gives it a different feel. These chapters are shorter than previous ones, and I got rid of the prologue in favor of getting most of the backstory out of the way in the first page and a half. I am very happy with Chapter 1 aside from a few small details. Chapter 2 gives a lot of good information, but I think the dialogue needs some work. Hopefully this will do for now. Be sure to let me know what you all think and enjoy the show.

Illustration and Chapter Posting.

Update time. I have been working 40 hour weeks at my job, which has taken away some of my time from this project, but my lunch hour is good and long, so I have been spending much of my break times continuing to type it out.

At 36,790 words, the 2nd draft is coming along. Chapter 6 and 7 have been finished since I last checked in. Now it is on to chapter 8.

Joe and I just finished our meeting, and here are the updates of the picture. The main subjects of this illustration are finished, and now it is on to the background which has already been drawn. Joe and I have been in discussion if finding ways to move the process along more smoothly as we are both busy with school and work respectively.

As for the new drafts of chapter 1 and 2, I will be going through them and proofreading one more time before posting them to the site sometime tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy and take care.