Illustration and Chapter Posting.

Update time. I have been working 40 hour weeks at my job, which has taken away some of my time from this project, but my lunch hour is good and long, so I have been spending much of my break times continuing to type it out.

At 36,790 words, the 2nd draft is coming along. Chapter 6 and 7 have been finished since I last checked in. Now it is on to chapter 8.

Joe and I just finished our meeting, and here are the updates of the picture. The main subjects of this illustration are finished, and now it is on to the background which has already been drawn. Joe and I have been in discussion if finding ways to move the process along more smoothly as we are both busy with school and work respectively.

As for the new drafts of chapter 1 and 2, I will be going through them and proofreading one more time before posting them to the site sometime tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy and take care.


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