Chapter 13 Completed and Some Reflections

Today I completed a draft of Chapter 13, bringing the total word count to 97,463 words. At that, I can breath a sigh of relief as I have basically finished writing what amounts to a 40 page action scene.

Chapter 13 was a very demanding chapter. I threw our little friends into this rut about 110 pages ago and was carefully building up to when everything hits the fan. In the last two chapters, there are no points in which they can stop to take a breath. It was almost as exhausting for me as it was for them. But Chapter 14 is coming. After a brief tussle, they will get some well deserved rest. I want it as much as they do right now.

What I am really excited about is the coming of Act III.

Ah yes, Act III, often contains the most iconic moments of any story. The point in which all arcs are settled, all conflict resolved, and all stories end. It is often said that the ending of a story is the hardest part, but most of my professors have stated that the middle is the real challenge. Setting up a story is easy, finding an ending that works is also not too difficult. The real problem is the journey to get there. For me, as well as these characters, that journey is almost done. I know the ending, and my fingers are almost dancing with giddy anticipation of writing it.

There is still a little ways to go however, and I am really looking forward to finding out what happens next. This lot is getting some really creative ideas on how to reach the ending. Give them all a hand. I dropped an entire city on them, and they are still kicking.

Illustration Completed and Manuscript Update

Hello loyal followers. I have some big news. That first illustration is finally finished and ready for your viewing pleasure. So enough delays and half completed concept pieces. Here is the picture for your viewing pleasure.

As for the book, Chapter 12 was finished today.

This current manuscript clocks in at 86,880 words at 240 pages. Have also been showing some pages to the people I have been living with to some very positive reception. I am getting off of a 3 day vacation, so my lunch hour at work will be filled with much typing.

Anyway, here is that picture. Behold the fist meeting of Zhyx and Celice, an encounter that would irrevocably change both their lives henceforth. Enjoy it, and thank you so much for all your support.

Zhyx Cave Encounter Finished

Fun With Robert Forster and Progress

Funny how things happen sometimes. I took my computer in to get fixed as previously mentioned, and went to the Apple store in The Grove. No sooner do I sit down then someone walks up to my table and sits down right next to me. It was none other than actor Robert Forster, of Breaking Bad, Jackie Brown, as well as cult favorites like The Black Hole. I would like to point out how this was nearly missed. I initially wanted to swing by The Grove on the 5th, but had to make an appointment for the 6th. The appointment was for noon, but I am chronically early so arrived at 10:15 to get some writing done while waiting. Then out of all the tables Forster heads to, he heads to this specific one. But he was really nice and even let me snap a picture with him. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of which, you finally get to see a picture of my ugly mug. Robert Forster and I He gave me a simple piece of advice. “Be a success.” It was a great start to a great day, and a great piece of advice for the future. You will all be glad to know that things are still moving along here. 84,923 words and counting. Completed the re-writes of chapters 10 and 11, and am now up to chapter 12. Joe has been working hard at the picture and we will be having another meeting on Tuesday. I also have a little money coming in from editing a film trailer, and plan on using that to purchase a drawing tablet, so Joe and I will be able to work together on these pictures and move things along quicker.

Update on Illustration Completion and Chapter Progress

Getting back into the swing of things at work has not been easy, but things have been still moving along at this end. Passed 73,000 words now and am re-writing chapters 10 and 11 as they were not what I was going for with this book.

In addition to that, I have begun expanding and improving previous chapters. Chapter 1 started off as 13 pages, but has now climbed up to 25 pages. This new draft of chapter 1 will be posted soon.

Joe and I have still been working on that first illustration, which is nearly finished. We will be hopefully getting that done during our meeting next week.

My computer here has been making a noise like a Geiger Counter on account of one of the fans being busted. While it would be fun to use this newfound power to fight giant irradiated insects, I will be dropping this computer off to get it fixed and using my old laptop to keep working. The old PC is running on fumes, but hopefully it will be able to last the week.

In the meantime, I was planning on holding off on this until it was finished as seeing the same dragon over and over again can get old, but you folks deserve to see what has been getting done. Hope you like it.