Fun With Robert Forster and Progress

Funny how things happen sometimes. I took my computer in to get fixed as previously mentioned, and went to the Apple store in The Grove. No sooner do I sit down then someone walks up to my table and sits down right next to me. It was none other than actor Robert Forster, of Breaking Bad, Jackie Brown, as well as cult favorites like The Black Hole. I would like to point out how this was nearly missed. I initially wanted to swing by The Grove on the 5th, but had to make an appointment for the 6th. The appointment was for noon, but I am chronically early so arrived at 10:15 to get some writing done while waiting. Then out of all the tables Forster heads to, he heads to this specific one. But he was really nice and even let me snap a picture with him. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of which, you finally get to see a picture of my ugly mug. Robert Forster and I He gave me a simple piece of advice. “Be a success.” It was a great start to a great day, and a great piece of advice for the future. You will all be glad to know that things are still moving along here. 84,923 words and counting. Completed the re-writes of chapters 10 and 11, and am now up to chapter 12. Joe has been working hard at the picture and we will be having another meeting on Tuesday. I also have a little money coming in from editing a film trailer, and plan on using that to purchase a drawing tablet, so Joe and I will be able to work together on these pictures and move things along quicker.


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