Chapter 13 Completed and Some Reflections

Today I completed a draft of Chapter 13, bringing the total word count to 97,463 words. At that, I can breath a sigh of relief as I have basically finished writing what amounts to a 40 page action scene.

Chapter 13 was a very demanding chapter. I threw our little friends into this rut about 110 pages ago and was carefully building up to when everything hits the fan. In the last two chapters, there are no points in which they can stop to take a breath. It was almost as exhausting for me as it was for them. But Chapter 14 is coming. After a brief tussle, they will get some well deserved rest. I want it as much as they do right now.

What I am really excited about is the coming of Act III.

Ah yes, Act III, often contains the most iconic moments of any story. The point in which all arcs are settled, all conflict resolved, and all stories end. It is often said that the ending of a story is the hardest part, but most of my professors have stated that the middle is the real challenge. Setting up a story is easy, finding an ending that works is also not too difficult. The real problem is the journey to get there. For me, as well as these characters, that journey is almost done. I know the ending, and my fingers are almost dancing with giddy anticipation of writing it.

There is still a little ways to go however, and I am really looking forward to finding out what happens next. This lot is getting some really creative ideas on how to reach the ending. Give them all a hand. I dropped an entire city on them, and they are still kicking.

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