The Final Act

Slowly but surely the story moves along. Above are the beginnings of the second illustration, and this draft is edging ever closer to completion.

It has been a very productive few days, bringing the total word count to 120,002 words, and the pages up to 332. I would say there are roughly two or three more chapters to go. The aim is to make the final brawl between our leading lizard and his scaly rival pretty spectacular, a show stopper in the spirit of Godzilla or King Kong. The way things are going, it looks like this draft might break 400 pages, more than enough for a first novel.

After that comes war I feel is the most fun part of any book, and that is fixing the prose and writing style. Hammering out the plot and the details is a lot of work, and when all the basics of the story are in front of you, it allows you to see what needs the most work. After that, you can relax, expand on some ideas, get rid of others, and polish the story to a fine mirror shine. The way things are looking, that process will begin next March, so forgive me for being a little giddy.

Illustrations will be coming by a lot quicker after that as well. My good friend Joseph Buehrer is in grad school where he is not only working on his own projects, he is also teaching. As such, he has not been able to turn in work quite as fast as before. But after carefully saving up a chunk of change, my eyes are set on a drawing tablet of my own. Joe and I will collaborate on the artwork, with me providing the lines and him coloring and shading. That should be taken care of sometime in the next few days.

Aside from the book, things are getting pretty exciting here. It just so happens that I nabbed an internship with a small film production company that has been going very well and giving me some good connections. One of my roommates and I have been hammering out a script for a horror comedy, which is now up to 60 pages. Aside from this novel, things have been pretty busy, just the way I like them.

All following this blog deserve a special thanks from me. Joseph, David and Cullen. We just wanted to thank you all for sticking with this project for the last few months. It has been very encouraging for all involved, and we cannot express our gratitude enough. Hope you all enjoy the book when it is finished.