Only Since June

Much has happened the last few days.

This manuscript has climbed up to over 138,000 words and currently stands at 388 pages. At the very least, there is still a chapter and a half to go. Everyone over on this end, myself, illustrator Joseph Buehrer, editor Cullen McCurdy and concept artist David Spada are very enthusiastic about our progress.

I must apologize for my tardiness. Things have been picking up at my internship. I am with a film distribution company right now, and we are prepping a deal to produce a film for a major TV network. That has taken up a good portion of my time, but I would never dream of abandoning this project. Not now. Not after coming this far and not after all the time and effort that Joe, Cullen and David have been so kind to invest in it.

Though this story began shortly after I left high school, it was only last June that the effort to put it into novel form got underway. It is hard to believe that in that time, a first draft of the book was finished and a new one put to the page, and now that draft is nearing completion. And I never thought it would break 400 pages, but right now, that is pretty much inevitable.

Illustrations are coming along as well, and this next one looks to be more stunning than the last. Another sneak preview is attached for you all to enjoy.

I did a lot of work on the prose in the first few chapters as well, working on chapters 1 through 4 during a nasty bout of writer’s block. The new drafts of chapters 1 and 2 will be posted here, but not until they have been thoroughly proofread. After all, it would be cruel to subject all you fine people to the horrors of typos.

Additional world building articles are also in the early concept stages. Due to a now pretty full schedule, finding the time to put them to the page has been a chore, but it will be done.

As for Zhyx and Heavy, they are in the midst of their final bitter skirmish, and the fight between them is akin to the end of the world. Hopefully when this hits the shelves, you will enjoy reading it as much as we did making it.

Zhyx & Heavy Comparison


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