Current Manuscript State, Next Meeting and World Building

It has happened. The manuscript broke 400 pages, currently rests at 144,000 words, and still has two chapters to go before it is done. I never dreamed my first book would be so long, and to have made it this fat in such a short time, with such great support from friends and family has been a very rewarding journey.

My next meeting with artist Joseph Buehrer will be taking place this coming Saturday, with more of his fine work to be posted. In addition to this, I will craft new pages for the concept art section detailing the step by step evolution for each of Joe’s pictures.

I have been so busy focusing on the book itself as to not have much time to craft articles for the world building section. a duty which was taken up by my editor and dear friend Cullen McCurdy. I will be sending him my notes on certain articles periodically, and he will be furnishing me with drafts of the articles, which I will in turn bring to you.

You can check out Cullen’s own site here.

The first article articles deals with the history of the city of Ganbury, and the Tower of Every War, both of which are two of the most important landmarks in this book. I hope you all enjoy this little example of universe building. Rest assured, there is more to come. Hope you all enjoy this one.

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