Progress on Proofreading and Illustration Coming Up

After taking a few days off from the book, proofreading and prose fixing on the book began again this week. A few hours ago, I finished a run through on chapter 4, leaving me with 16 chapters to go. This part is actually going surprisingly quickly, and has thus far actually been rather fun.

There is a certain comfort in having a finished book in front of you. It is much easier to see the mistakes and fix them accordingly then if it is bumbling around in your head with nowhere to go.

Writer’s block comes from one thing and one thing only. Fear of writing something bad. Best advice I ever got and best advice I can ever give, don’t be afraid to write something bad. Sometimes you need to look at that in order to fix the problem.

Pictured above is the progress that was made on the picture last week. Last week was an exceptionally busy week, so I was sadly unable to post it then. But the Great Red Wyrm is here now, and he shall be continuing to take shape as the weeks go on.

Since the polishing is coming along and since I attended a networking event today and actually met a literary agent who may be able to get this to some publishers, we will be working on picking up the pace.


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