Next World Building Article is Up and Proofreading Progress

Proofreading is moving along pretty quickly.

Just got through chapter 6 yesterday. Will be giving chapter 5 the once over again  before moving on to chapter 7. The word count has actually increased, and this is in spite of deleting many of the more wordy and superfluous passages. Right now it stands at 163,561.I do feel this polishing has helped enhance the world the book seeks to create, made the characters more rich and multi dimensional, and given the story more focus.

Next world building article is up detailing the history of Tygan’s version of Paladins, including some pretty nice renders of their temple home by our friend Cullen McCurdy at

Another shout out to out friend David Spada from over at Monster Legacy for his wonderful creature designs. You can check out his blog here.

Here is a link to the article.

That next illustration is already nearing the coloring phase, so stick around for that.


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