Next World Building Article and Proofreading Progress

Exciting book news today.

The next world building article, this one on the nomadic Flatlanders, has been completed. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to our friend Cullen McCurdy of for his help and input.

The proofreading of the manuscript is coming along nicely. Just finished the first run through of chapter 7 yesterday evening. Will be going over it again to see if it could benefit from more attention, but so far it looks good. Current word count is 165,945 words.

That leaves 13 chapters to go. Already close to the halfway point and couldn’t be more excited.

The illustration for chapter 2 is moving along nicely as well. Joe’s initiative to take 15 minutes out of each day to work on the picture has helped speed things up around here, and we are already very close to getting the illustration shaded and colored.

Our good friend David Spada of has been swamped at school, but turned in this concept sketch for the re-design of the villainous Citch. Though hair will soon be added to this design, he is already looking more menacing than before.

Citch Re-Design 1

Hasn’t even been a month since the 2nd draft was completed. Can’t say I was expecting to get things moving along with quickly.

Can’t complain either.


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