Manuscript Update and Next World Building Article.

Yesterday I made it through the proofread of chapter 8 and it is on to chapter 9.

This brings the current manuscript up to 169,773 words and 473 pages in 1.5 spacing.

It is defiantly feeling much more organic now, with the issues in plot and character getting slowly dealt with and re-worked. Chapter 8 was also a very fun one to go through, taking place in what is thus far one of my favorite places, the carnivorous jungle of Ankeerea.

Feeling pretty excited considering the next few chapters are where the action sequences really pick up for our heroic wyrm. But character has still been my number 1 focus. Without character, the action doesn’t have a point.

The illustration for chapter 2 is coming along as well. Joe and I have been having our regular meetings and will conduct another one on Thursday. Also expect to see more concept art coming in from David Spada in the next few weeks once his exams are done.

The next world building article, dealing with this world’s take on elves, is up.

Hope you all enjoy this one, and I’ll be back shortly with more updates.


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