Illustration Progress & Upcoming World Building Articles

For the last few days, I have been unable to tend directly to the manuscript. This is due to my internship. I am currently with a film distribution company and they are getting ready for the Cannes Film Festival. Their orders for little old me were to throw together their sales book. That has taken up a lot of my time.

But just because the manuscript has not been tended to doesn’t mean work is not being done. Ideas have still been coming in for this book as well as later installments.

To hold pace, several world building articles have been prepped. Three to be exact, dealing with the partnership between humans and dwarves, this tale’s take on the orcs, and an article on dragons. The latter of which promises to be the most in depth one thus far. We will start getting those on tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

Joe and I have been working hard at the illustration for chapter 2. Going to try and set a date to get it finished by, hopefully sometime in the next few weeks. Since it is taking a little while, here is the latest version. Hope you like it.

Tomorrow it will be back to the part time, job, where work on the manuscript can continue.



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