Manuscript Update, World Building and Other News

Today is a special day for me. It is my first day off in three weeks.

Three weeks of switching between a retail position and a film internship. Three weeks of greeting customers at the hardware store and typing up documents for the Cannes Film Festival. I am very much enjoying this first day.

Well, it happened. I was able to get through chapters 10 and 11 of the proofread. A lot of rearrangement, a lot of revision, but they are much more effective, with several story issues worked out, the characters more pronounced and real, and much less wordy.

Oh yes, about that wordy thing. The manuscript began at 175,701, and now stands at 169,419. This was the first time thus far I deleted such a large portion. Some of it was painful. A few good lines here and there that I might have some use for later. On the other hand, most of those 6,000 words were pretty terrible. Repetition and inner monologuing at its worst. You know what? That makes me happy. Stephen King made a good point when he said to kill your darlings in writing. These 6,000 words are my first casualty. Not exactly a darling, but it is good practice for when that time comes.

But it is done. The 11th chapter is in the bag, bringing me and these characters past the halfway point. They have seen the villain for the first time, seen what they can do, and the stakes have been raised. They are beyond the point of no return, and the only way this novel’s fire breathing protagonist can win is to go all the way.

Now some of you may be interested in that world building article. We have a new one all ready for you, this one dealing with Tygan’s take on magic. Here it is, and hope you all have fun reading it.

I aim to finish up chapter 12 by today. With my bosses overseas for the next two weeks, I should be able to get a lot done. And you should be able to see a lot more too, because the current versions of the first three chapters have been sent out for proofread. They will be up shortly.

Much is about to happen on Tygan. The firestorm is coming.


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