Chapter 12 and Frustrations

As promised, I finished chapter 12 of the book a few days ago.

Just one problem.

It sucked.

I mean it really sucked.

The actions of the characters didn’t make any sense, everything was too convenient and what I was left with was in the end a long action sequence with a dull ending. Five thousand words and twenty pages of nothing.

Before I move on to 13, these issues have to be resolved, as the actions of one chapter affect the next. I have a few ideas that seem like they are worth a try. So far the re-writes are going well enough. It seems that the best thing to do would not be adding stuff on, but taking more stuff out. I have deleted an additional 1000 words since the chapter was ‘completed.’

I see more deletions in chapter 12’s future. Might make it a short one, but short and sweet wins over long and dull any day.


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