Chapter 2 Illustration Done, Chapter 17 Completed and All that Shall Come

Yesterday was a pretty big day for Zhyx.

Chapter 17 was completed, bringing the total word count to 176,000 words. The conclusion for the novel is now properly set. Now it is just a matter of execution. I initially wanted to bump my chapters down to 19, but it seems it will still be going for the full 20. I just can’t seem to find a way to contain this fight in a single chapter without it feeling anticlimactic.

This is not to say that the coming brawl will continue uninterrupted for the duration of these chapters. It would become boring rather quickly. Instead, it will be broken up into beats with some momentary relief for the reader as to not make it too exhausting. Think the final act of Aliens. It is basically a 40 minute action scene, but it is divided up into a series of vignettes to keep it fresh for the entire running time, with some built in pauses for the viewer’s convenience.

That illustration for chapter 2 was finally completed, as shown here in all its glory. This frees us up to begin work not only on chapter 3, but on other things as well. Joe’s skills have grown a lot since we first met, and he is eager to showcase more concept art to be displayed here.

Going along with this, I will be re-constructing the character bios section, writing new summaries for each character as well as showcasing this new concept art. We got started with this along with chapter 3 last night. The original bios will still be available for a little while, and I won’t be closing down that section for repairs until the new materials are ready. Once they are finished, I will post a notification here.

Now for some bad news. My Macbook decided to take a rain check again. One of the internal cooling fans inexplicably broke (again) so I need to drop it off to get it fixed (again) which will probably take several days (again.) I am composing this article on my old PC brick, and while I have much love for this old piece of hardware, I am nervous about connecting to the internet on it as it is not quite so well protected as the Mac. Seriously. I had to dodge several snipers just to get here.

I will continue to work on the book in its stead, but will have to be absent from here for a few days. Still, there is cause for optimism. Last time I took the Mac in to get fixed was when I met Robert Forster. Maybe this time I will meet someone else.

The home stretch for this adventure is upon us. Not only are there a mere three chapters to go, I began drawing up drafts of my synopsis and query letters to seek out an agent. Given how much has been accomplished so far and the wealth of materials we are prepared to present, it seems a good bet someone will notice. After 50 tries, but still.


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