Chapter 18 Is Done

Finished chapter 18 of the book and boy was it exhausting. This chapter was actually completed several days ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting it here.

You all owe an explanation for that. A lot of my personal affairs had to be put in order. Firstly I am needing to get a new job to make up for the cut back of my hours at the store. Sent out a lot of applications to local film theaters to find some work there. Secondly, and more importantly, I have begun work on a short film, a parody of the Dirty Harry films called The Ice Cream Man. Spent all day yesterday working on that, and all day the day before collecting props. I am pretty damn exhausted.

But how did 18 go? Well quite frankly it went pretty well. It is now much more dynamic with much more diversity to its action. The other characters do accomplish a lot more, and remain in active roles throughout, which makes me very happy.

Chapter 19 promises to be an easier write as it only features three characters, the titular wyrm, the villainous Heavy, and River. Put them in a lot of wilderness that promises to soon become a lot less wilderness, this one should go well.

Only two chapters to go. Pretty excited right now.

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