New Concept Art and Character Page Overhaul

Recently, Joe and I began work on some new concept art for the characters. Apart from Zhyx, his humanoid costars have been polished up a bit to give them a greater sense of individuality.

The first picture is this one here of Major Celice Arietta, one of the central heroes and the mastermind behind getting Zhyx involved in the fight against Assylyl. She has become a favorite of Joe and I, inspired largely by characters like Han Solo, Dirty Harry and the Sundance Kid, with design elements based on Vasquez from Aliens.

I am an enormous fan of strong female characters, characters like Ellen Ripley, Nancy Thompson, Sarah Conner. What is best about a lot of these characters is their respective stories don’t spend time focusing on their gender. After all, in Indiana Jones, no one keeps bringing up that Indy is a man. I personally feel it is very disingenuous to constantly call attention to a female lead being female. Their strength and character should have nothing to do with their gender. The Major is such a character. She is a larger than life war vet with steadfast determination and the courage to match, and has no reservations about fighting dirty as long as her mission is finished and innocent lives saved.

As she was largely inspired by characters known for wielding firearms, she was given a hand crossbow, a weapon that closely resembled a handgun. To back that up, she wields two dual katar, or punching knives, for good measure. Additionally, her armor was designed not to be suggestive, instead focusing on a design that would be agile and quick, but keep her well protected in battle.

Major Celice Hulayen Arietta Concept Art

That bring us to our next topic, the character section of the blog. I will be temporarily removing it for some additional editing. The characters have changed much since they were first conceived and written, and the descriptions written several months ago now are simply not adequate to introduce them. Better yet, as Joe completes more concept art, the pictures will be posted there to make the section all the more appealing.

Celice here is done for now, but there will be more to come. Hope you all enjoy this piece.


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