Citch Concept Art and Article Re-Edits

Our Master of Monsters has done it again.

After many hours of hard work, the new artwork for the villainous Citch has been completed. Citch is an original creation of mine known as a horned ravager, and a very nasty hombre.

He went through quite the overhaul since his concept art page was completed last year. His horns were completely re-designed and a thick coat of hair was added on his back and arms, among other things. The end result is a very wonderful humanoid beast that bears some vague amphibian traits, but is much more mammalian than the previous design.

Citch Final

With this new artwork available, the concept art page for Citch has also been re-written and can be viewed here.

His page in the villain section, along with the other villain descriptions, is too undergoing renovation and will be re-posted upon completion of the writing.

Special thanks to out good friend David Spada at Monster Legacy for his once again stunning work. His unique designs have given this story a great sense of individuality and have certainly been a huge inspiration and help to me. If you love monsters, ghouls, and extraterrestrial horrors, be sure to check out his web page here if you love all things creatures.

Thank you my friend, and thanks all of you for visiting. Rest assured that David Spada will tame more horrors with pencil point in the future. Him and I already started throwing around ideas for book number 2.


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