Explanation for Being Scarce and Introduction Updates

I do apologize for being so infrequent this last month. I have been quite busy. Just moved into a new studio apartment so these last few weeks have mainly consisted of searching for a place, buying the place, and moving into said place. As a result, one of my scripts has fallen behind, but the first act is still done, so there is at least the groundwork to build the rest of the story on.

Now that my move is done, I will be able to take up more work.

Today, the introductions for myself and my proofreader Cullen McCurdy are now up for anyone wanting to take a look.

Will be working on some bios for David Spada and Joseph Buehrer in the next few days. Also, Joseph Buehrer and myself will be having a meeting tonight, with new concept art to be posted shortly.

David Spada is almost done with Zhyx’s new picture, displaying his toothy visage. We have also begun design work for book number 2 of this series, which you will also be getting a sneak preview of soon. I would like to extend my congratulations to our friend. Recently, David’s web page, Monster Legacy, hit 4000 views! If you love creature effects and make-up, check it out.


Also be sure to check out Cullen’s web page. He recently did some very insightful articles on the art of world building, something we have both become familiar with this past year. If you are interested in writing fantasy, those articles are a good read.


Here are the two bios. Meeting with Joe is tonight, and I will let all of you know how it goes. Catch you all later.




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