Chapter 1 Proofread and Line Edit Completed.


Well, I know this has been a long time coming, but the line editing for draft 3 of the book has finally begun. Just now, I finished going through chapter 1, and streamlined it by around three thousand words.

I am very happy with how this is looking so far, as are most everyone involved.I do not imagine much more editing will take place after this run through is finished, but to have the completed manuscript in front of me, just begging to be polished, I imagine this phase of the writing process will be deliciously fun.

Meanwhile, Joe has been working on that picture of the orc professor, Graga ‘Blondie’ Kelpla. Here is how she is looking right now.


Over the next few days, I will be finishing up the line edits on chapters 2 and 3, and will put those up for your viewing pleasure as well. As for the rest, well that will have to wait until it gets published, but hopefully this little taste will be enough to get you all excited.

So get ready everyone. The adventures of the Zhyx, Great Red Wyrm, start here.

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