Chapter 3, The Derd

And the proofread and line edit on chapter 3 of Zhyx is finished.

This chapter is where I feel the story really finds its stride, and it seems an appropriate place to leave things off for this sneak preview. Been working on this all day and am defiantly happy with how it turned out. This will be the last full chapter I post for the book on this site, but fear not. Once this book gets released via traditional or self publishing, you will find out how the story goes. Artwork and other updates will continue to be posted here regularly in the meantime.

Hope you all are just as happy with chapter 3 as I am. Enjoy the continuing adventures of the Great Red Wyrm.

Chapter 3, The Derd.

Be sure to check out Chapter 1, The Great Red Wyrm and Chapter 2, The First Dragon as well. 

Thanks for reading and I will see all of you around.


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