Chapter 9 Completed and Zhyx Artwork Update

Just completed my run through of chapter 9 of Zhyx. With a word count of 152,108 and only 11 chapters to go, things are certainly moving along here.

Chapter 9 brings the characters to the point of no return. After this chapter, they descend into a sunken city, meet the villain face to face, and the action really takes off. The edits of these next few chapters promise to be very exciting. A lot will be cut out for use in later books, but that is necessary to streamline things on this end.

As promised the new artwork for the titular character is coming along. Here is what David has completed thus far for the big wyrm himself.

Zhyx Teeth 1

It is crude, but as the concept art pages show, we begin with sketches such as this. They are the stepping stone on which David creates his much more elaborate artwork.

For the more detailed picture, David ran a few reference pictures by me which I approved. The below picture of the fossil has teeth that we both very much like.Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.58.19 PM

The Komodo Dragon here also has a few things we like, namely the look on the inside of his mouth. Both of these are things we currently plan to incorporate into the final composite.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.05.02 PM

Tomorrow I will be having a meeting with Joe in regards to the illustration of River, and the week is barely getting started. Looks like this wee will be a full one, with many new updates for you all.

Thanks for reading and I will continue to keep you posted.

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