Over Halfway Finished and River Artwork Update

Today another milestone was hit on the writing of my fantasy adventure epic, Zhyx. Chapter 11 was finished.

Yes. In the last two days, I completed my run throughs of chapters 10 and 11. This further dropped the wordcount to 149,857 words, the story so far having shed over 20,000 words of superfluous material. It also brings us past the halfway point of the story.

In total, this first installment of Zhyx runs twenty chapters. Reaching this latest mark, we now only have 9 to get through. So far, no major changes.

I was initially quite worried about what going through this book would be like after taking a month off of it. It is with great relief that I say the experience has been very positive. The only material lost was material not up to par with the rest of the book, and its excising has helped the story move along at a much more brisk pace. The upcoming chapters 12, 13 and 14 were very difficult for me to get through as they constituted a multi chapter series of action vignettes. That is one of the reasons I greatly look forward to this run through to see them again with fresh eyes, and give the part of the book that held me back the most that final much needed polish.

More concept art updates as well. River is coming along nicely. As you can see the design went through some major changes since the last meeting. His face now looks much younger and his hair is much shorter. The artist and I did agree that the spikes here are a bit too anime-esque so we will take care of those come the next meeting in a few days. Regardless, hope you guys enjoy the progress displayed here.

River Concept Art 1

Have a few days off starting tomorrow and aim to finish two chapter run throughs a day. Barring any unexpected events, I should be up to chapter 15 by the 23rd. Looking forward to letting you all know how it does.

Debating on posting some brief paragraph samples from these chapters. Let me know what you guys think about that in the comments. Thanks for reading and see you guys soon.


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