Zhyx Teeth and My First Rejection Letter

The saga of Zhyx, the Great Red Wyrm, ebbs ever onwards, with new artwork and new exposure to the world of publishing.

On and on the query process goes. Can’t begin to tell you how many calls I got from self publishing companies looking to make a quick deal. While their offers are certainly tempting, the fact remains that self publishing companies are really trying to sell you a deal, and while it does get the book professionally bound, it doesn’t reach as wide an audience as it could under other circumstances.

I have thus far sent out letters to 15 or so agents, so that has been pretty exciting. Even Neil Gaiman’s agent will be giving the query and the first 10 pages a look over. Can’t help but be a little excited at this.

Even got my first rejection letter.

Yes. The dreaded first rejection letter. Believe it or not, it actually wasn’t that bad. Hardly the evisceration that some authors got for works like Lolita and The Wizard of Oz. It was quick, simple and to the point.

“Thanks, but we are not interested.”

Oh. Well that was easy. Moving on. I still have about 100 more agents to go through to see which ones are the best candidates.

As for artwork, our good friend David got the concept art in showing Zhyx’s choppers. He and I agreed that going for a look like a theropod dinosaur such as a T Rex or Deinonychus would work best, but this slightly more fire. The results speak for themselves.

Zhyx Teeth

Using this stunning illustration, my artist and I have begun the next illustration, this one for chapter 3. We have set aside a two and a half week time frame during which we are going to finish it, line artwork and all. With the query process underway, we have no choice but to pick up the pace.

Some adjustments are also going to be made for the second illustration, though these will only be ones of color, so they will likely be completed ina  single session once we have it nailed down exactly what we want to do.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I will keep you posted with further updates.


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