More Rejection Letters, New Artwork, Possible Breakthrough

Hello ladies and gents. Your aspiring fantasy/adventure author has returned from his short hiatus to give you all an update. Well, this month has been interesting. It has been the second most successful month since this blog was started in August of 2014, and given that it has been a few weeks since I posted anything, I have no one but you to thank for that. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You guys rock.

I have finally settled on my next writing project before I move on to book 2 of the saga of the Great Red Wyrm. This next project is a script dealing with the aftermath of an atomic holocaust and its effect on a small band of survivors. Not that I wish to write such bleak things a lot. I prefer more optimistic pieces myself. A very nasty depression has done a number on me this year, and I feel writing such a script would be a good way to flush the tears from my system. If I am going to purge out the negativity, I may as well get creative with it.

The outline for book 2 of Zhyx is already essentially done. I know the set-up, I know the story, and I know the ending. It will be different from the first book, develop more of the characters, introduce new ones, and present a new and unique challenge for the fire breathing hero. Writing on it will start in December.

Rejection letters, rejection letters, rejection letters. I have received eight so far, including the one that was the subject of the last article. Honestly, they have not been as difficult as I had anticipated. Nothing really hurtful. Just the usual “Sorry but this is not what we are looking for. Good luck.” thing. Of course that probably means they took one look at the query letter and decided not to read the attached pages, which is honestly what I expected. I have sent out some 17 queries so far, and now about half of them have been answered. It is no small stretch to assume a lot more will be sent before that long awaited ‘yes’ finally comes. My guess is at least 100.

But a break just may have come. A few nights ago I hosted a party at my house and to pass the time, read a little of the story to my guests. The response was quite enthusiastic. One of my friends works an an actress and offered to show this site to her friend, a casting director. Being a casting director, he does have connections. Who knows? That just might be the big break I have been waiting for. At the very least, it is one less door to knock down.

Update on the illustration for chapter 3. There have been some difficulties due to school schedules and stuff like that. My artist friend and I will continue work on it this Friday and hopefully have it finished in a few weeks. That being said, this picture here is close. The proportions are right. It is just the face needs a little work.

Zhyx meets River 4

This is an illustration I have been eagerly waiting for. Not only is this the first illustration where you see Zhyx’s true size, but this is easily the single most significant event in the entire book, perhaps the entire series. This event shapes everything that is to come and gives the story its soul. Just wait until it is finished. It is going to be something special.

I will keep you all posted on how this saga further develops. Thanks for reading and catch you all later.

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