Updates on Art and Query Letters

Hello everyone. Been a while since your favorite wannabe author has checked in, and it is time for some updates on the epic fantasy saga of Zhyx, the Great Red Wyrm.

My latest script is moving along. I am now up to page 50 and aim to finish act 2 by tomorrow. In the meantime, I have continued the outlining work on book 2 of the Zhyx series. The basic structure pretty well set, I look forward to getting back with my friends on Tygan.

The query process ebbs ever onwards. I have thus far sent out nineteen letters, and gotten eleven rejections. Honestly, it still hasn’t gotten to the point where it is painful. As I work on going through the list of 160 agents again, other avenues are being explored. Two friends of mine, an actress and a director respectively, have put me in touch with a few of their friends. These friends may not be able to help me directly, but they may know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Something worth exploring in any case. The worst either can do is say ‘no.’ If all else fails, I have also been furnished with several reputable self publishing companies. Hey, it worked for Eregon, and I can afford to drop a little to put some copies on shelves.

Pictured below is the latest version of the chapter 3 illustration. Zhyx’s outline has gone through an overhaul, and it is now essentially done. Though Zhyx is a little smaller than he is in the story, but he will be scaled up to the size of the previous picture before we add the detail and color. That meeting will take place next weekend.

Chapter 3 Illustration New

Later today, I will be adding some of my longer articles to the Treasure Hoard, along with a new article to be posted later today. Thanks for reading and get back to all of you soon.


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