Refurbished Website

When I started with blog wit the help of my dear friend David Spada, it was simply a means to promote and provide updates for my fantasy/adventure novel of a dragon turned action hero.

Now since the novel is done and the query process has begun, I have been working on getting it published as well as branching out to other projects, and thought it would be fun to talk about them as well, and also chime on on whatever was topical in geek culture at the moment.

Due to these new additions, the blog became somewhat of a disjointed mess, so I spent all day yesterday fixing it up and making it easier to navigate.

All of the sample chapters for the book for drafts 1 2 and 3 are now included under a single tab. All tabs relating directly to the book have been re-titled to move them closer together. You can view those tabs below.

Novel Sample Chapters

Novel Concept Art

Novel World Building

Novel Character Bios

Likewise, The Treasure Hoard was getting far too full, so its contents have been broken up into three categories, editorials, additional creative content, and an archive for the posts. All of those are available for viewing here. Editorials will deal with more in depth looks at writing, as well as views on culture and the occasional controversial topic. Scripts, Short Stories and Films will deal with any creative projects not directly related to the novel, and Post Archives are simply an index of all the posts for this page available for easy access.


Scripts, Short Stories and Films

Post Archives

Needless to say, it is a vast improvement, and you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

My search for a new title for the book (and most likely this blog) continues. I am approaching 200 titles now, and for the first time, some good ones are starting to show up.

Since it has also been a while since the last illustration update for the novel, I will post this as well. Coloring will begin next week, so please enjoy this scene of Zhyx meeting River for the first time. It sure is coming along, and promises to be nothing short of spectacular when it is done.

Zhyx Meets River 9

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the new blog.


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