My Protagonist Gets a Facelift and Other News

The saga for my first book continues with the latest illustration moving along nicely and the search for a title ongoing.

Our massive lead got a slight face lift, you might say. A few days ago while I was at work, David Spada hit me up about a tiny issue he had with his design for our fire breathing star. He felt Zhyx’s nostrils were far too high up on his face, so they seemed to not really be connected with anything. Looking at the design now, one can see why he might take issue with it.

Wordpress 7

Because of this, David put forward that we do a very slight alteration of the design. Simply lower the nostril. It certainly wasn’t too much to ask. We have only completed two illustrations and are in the middle of a third at the moment. He sent me these quick doodles to show what he was talking about.

Zhyx Nose

I liked the change a lot and sent it to Joe, who will be incorporating it into his designs from now on.

This sort of thing does happen a lot in art. They go through constant changes that never stop until it hits the presses. A re-design for the book’s villains is also underway, and I look forward to sharing those with you once they are available.

In other news, we are on the home stretch for the illustration for chapter 3. What I really like about this illustration is you get a real sense of Zhyx’s size from it, and it showcases his first meeting with someone who promises to be a longtime companion.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.03.42 AM

In other news, work on the villains article has begun. It had been delayed for a while due to other writing projects, life, and career pursuits, but it will be up sometime in the next week, finally rounding out the characters section of the blog.

Also, the illustration for chapter 2 will be altered slightly, with some touch up work being done on Zhyx’s horns and additional color added to Saar’Jya. We should be able to knock that out pretty quickly once the chapter 3 illustration is finished.

Thanks for reading with brief update and I look forward to talking with all of you later.


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