Chapter 3 Illustration Complete

Well, it has been in the works for the past few months, gone through a lot of revisions and suffered a lot of delays, but now the Chapter 3 illustration for our novel has been completed.

This picture details a pivotal moment in the plot where Zhyx meets young River, easily the most significant moment in the first book and quite possibly the entire series. It is also the first picture where you get the true scope of Zhyx’s scale, as in the Chapter 1 illustration, Celice is in the foreground, making Zhyx appear smaller than he actually is.

A lot of work was put into this, from the menacing heat glow coming out between Zhyx’s teeth to the groves on his great horned crown. We hope you all enjoy this.

Zhyx Meets River 18

I will also finish the step by step completion article sometime before New Years so you can see the process by which this was made.

In other news, I have taken the last few weeks off to enjoy the holidays, but will continue my re-write of chapter six sometime next week, and also plan to finish The Phantom in the Pit before February.

Also, may have found an editor for the book. I will give her chapter 1 and see what she can do. If she does well, we will go through the entire thing. If not, she will be paid for her time and the search will continue.


Illustration Output and Language Writing

Since my move to Los Angeles, the illustration output for my first novel has not been very high. We must have been working on this one picture for two months now. Obviously not a very productive time period.

I have talked with Joe about it, and he also expressed concern with his output. Since I will be going up to Ohio for a few weeks, we will be having a face to face meeting about the matter in person. Maybe it was just bad timing. Joe has been working very hard teaching classes at OSU and working on his degree. He has his own projects to bounce around apart from this.

It can go one of two ways. Either things get back on track, or they don’t and we dissolve the partnership before it takes the friendship down with it. Though this project does mean a lot to me, it isn’t so valuable that I am willing to sacrifice any friendships for it. Joe, David and Cullen have put so much time into this little dream of mine, I can never express my gratitude for them enough. Once the Chapter 3 illustration is completed, we will try one more. If that schedule cannot be honored, that will be it for the professional partnership.

In the meantime, here is the latest preview of the Chapter 3 illustration.

Chapter 3 Illustration Update

The final edit on the book is going well. Wrapped up Chapter 5 yesterday and will be moving on to 6 very soon. 5 was a chapter I was always very fond of for a number of reasons, given that is the chapter where Zhyx gets full wind of the scheme of the other characters. It also has some great world building moments. A notable example is the dragon language written exclusively for this book.

Writing a language is hard work to be sure, but it is also very rewarding. This particular language I hammered out while working at the hardware store back in Ohio. Working in the lot offers a lot of solitude in a relatively slow environment, so there is a lot of time to take out the notepad and jot a few things down. Once you figure out the sound you want the language to have and the sentence structure, it is all a matter of writing the new words and plugging them in. Here are a few examples of the language with their translations.

Uz’ vlut ae’cha! – I don’t kneel!
Saar, oe! – Now, dragon!
Zhyx! Uv yivuz dyi’jik ae’cha! – Zhyx! Don’t be a fool!
Zzraz! Uz vuul’gruv! – No! I can run!
Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this brief update. Will get back to you soon when hopefully the Chapter 3 illustration will be finished.

Title Possibility and Artwork Update

The odyssey of my first ever fantasy novel appears to be finally getting underway again. With a new title in the bag, the query process will soon continue.

It has been over a month since we started the search for a new title, and the 276 we came up with either did quite sound right or were already taken.

Masters of the Firestorm


The Spire

Blackmailing a Dragon

Memoirs of a Dragon

The Dragon and the Flatlander

Raging Scarlet

A Dragon’s Bargain

The Flatlander Adventure

To be clear, those were the better sounding titles.

A lot of them were variations on the same thing. The hero of the story is a dragon, so my thinking was that should be something to emphasize. Ultimately though, I just couldn’t think of something that sounded creative enough no matter how may times it was altered and changed. A title like Quest of the Dragon would go through several different versions, like Quest of the Wyrm, Quest of the Red Dragon and so forth, but none of them sounded right.

There were also a few attempts to come up with creative ways of describing dragons, like Flamemasters, or an emphasis on the fire itself with Wyrmfire.

There were the typical topographical names that stated place, like Haiden and Tygan. Of course the reader would have no idea what those were before opening the book.

There were some quirky titles like A Dragon’s Guide to Heroics and An Inconvenient Adventure.

By far the most quirky title was a play on words. My lead character’s name, Zhyx, simply means Red. At one point in the story, someone calls him Zhyx the Red. Zhyx responds with “You has as well call me Red The Red.”

Red The Red. It had a decent ring to it, but didn’t rock anyone’s world.

Titles that focused on the MacGuffin overall sounded the best, with titles like The Apocalypse Spire and The Shard of Darkness having a nice ring to them, but once again, they were already taken. Except for the one we ended up settling on, which I am about to present to all of you.

The Shard of Oblivion.

It is fitting. The object is the driving force of the first book, and remains a critical item all throughout the rest of the series. The name has a menacing feel to it most certainly, and oblivion is what will follow should the villains get their hands on it. And just think of the weight that carries. It is a shard, and it is of oblivion! That’s the same thing that goes through your head when you hear a title like Temple of Doom.

Pretty much everyone involved is in agreement that it works, so that is what we are going with barring another better option popping up sometime later on.

In the meantime, the Chapter 3 illustration is moving along nicely. Here is another preview of the picture, which should be wrapping up in the next few weeks. Everyone involved is trying to work out ways to streamline the process of making these, so hopefully we will soon figure out a system to knock out one of them each month.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.49.55 AM

Hope you all enjoy the picture.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new title in the comments. Thanks for reading and we will get back to all of you soon.

A Villain’s Facelift and Sir Glaive’s Blade

Hello everyone. Some exciting updates from everyone back here.

Our search for a new title continues, but the previously posted one being a possibility to be sure, but not the final one by any means. We have now broke 300, and are nearing 400 possibilities. Still frustrating to no end, but after all the work that my wonderful friends have put into this, and all the times they inspired me to keep going, to quit now would be a sin.

Of course, other things are moving along. Our creature artist has begun with some revisions on the designs for the other two dragons in this story, Heavy and Saar’Jya. His first rough sketch of Heavy’s basic layout came in a few days ago.

Heavy Face Lift Concept Art 1

His face is largely unchanged, but he has been tweaked so overall he is much more animated. His hands for example have much longer digits, allowing him to grab onto and hold things easier. Also, his neck is longer and more slender, allowing him to turn his head much easier.

The changes are minor, but they defiantly make the character more mobile than his earlier incarnation.

Heavy WordPress

But that is not all. The awesome Cullen McCurdy has completed his work on Sir Glaive’s Spine Cutter Sword, the Guiding Star.

Glaive's Tachi 1

I have spent the last few hours churning out this new world building article, but the story of the elusive Paladin and his famous blade are now available for all to read. Hope you enjoy.

Sir Glaive and the Guiding Star Blade

As usual, will keep you all posted as updates come in.

It’s Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big!! 12/4

Dream Big, Dream Often has been a major help to my little blog, and this is a season of giving. As a token of my undying gratitude towards this page, I am sharing this Meet and Greet link for more of us bloggers to meet each other and find content to follow.

Ok so here are the rules:

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Be sure to give this meet and greet a look. You might just meet some cool people and get your pages more notoriety to boot.

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