A Villain’s Facelift and Sir Glaive’s Blade

Hello everyone. Some exciting updates from everyone back here.

Our search for a new title continues, but the previously posted one being a possibility to be sure, but not the final one by any means. We have now broke 300, and are nearing 400 possibilities. Still frustrating to no end, but after all the work that my wonderful friends have put into this, and all the times they inspired me to keep going, to quit now would be a sin.

Of course, other things are moving along. Our creature artist has begun with some revisions on the designs for the other two dragons in this story, Heavy and Saar’Jya. His first rough sketch of Heavy’s basic layout came in a few days ago.

Heavy Face Lift Concept Art 1

His face is largely unchanged, but he has been tweaked so overall he is much more animated. His hands for example have much longer digits, allowing him to grab onto and hold things easier. Also, his neck is longer and more slender, allowing him to turn his head much easier.

The changes are minor, but they defiantly make the character more mobile than his earlier incarnation.

Heavy WordPress

But that is not all. The awesome Cullen McCurdy has completed his work on Sir Glaive’s Spine Cutter Sword, the Guiding Star.

Glaive's Tachi 1

I have spent the last few hours churning out this new world building article, but the story of the elusive Paladin and his famous blade are now available for all to read. Hope you enjoy.

Sir Glaive and the Guiding Star Blade

As usual, will keep you all posted as updates come in.


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