Chapter 3 Illustration Complete

Well, it has been in the works for the past few months, gone through a lot of revisions and suffered a lot of delays, but now the Chapter 3 illustration for our novel has been completed.

This picture details a pivotal moment in the plot where Zhyx meets young River, easily the most significant moment in the first book and quite possibly the entire series. It is also the first picture where you get the true scope of Zhyx’s scale, as in the Chapter 1 illustration, Celice is in the foreground, making Zhyx appear smaller than he actually is.

A lot of work was put into this, from the menacing heat glow coming out between Zhyx’s teeth to the groves on his great horned crown. We hope you all enjoy this.

Zhyx Meets River 18

I will also finish the step by step completion article sometime before New Years so you can see the process by which this was made.

In other news, I have taken the last few weeks off to enjoy the holidays, but will continue my re-write of chapter six sometime next week, and also plan to finish The Phantom in the Pit before February.

Also, may have found an editor for the book. I will give her chapter 1 and see what she can do. If she does well, we will go through the entire thing. If not, she will be paid for her time and the search will continue.


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