Chapter 1 and 15 Illustration Updates

Our fantasy adventure epic moves ever onwards, and as is the case with writing, occasionally illustrations will be subject to revision.

Since some designs have changed in the concept art and the manuscript, those of us working on the book have done some small updates for the illustrations for Chapter 1 and Chapter 15.

The first is the Chapter 1 illustration, in which Celice meets Zhyx the dragon for the first time. She was far too large originally. Rather quickly, she was shrunk down to be more in line with the scale of River in the Chapter 3 illustration, as well as the scale picture that was done earlier. The effect is to make Zhyx all the more menacing during this first encounter.

Zhyx Chapter 1

The alterations for chapter 15 were a bit more complicated. The scales on Zhyx’s horns had to be elongated a little amidst some changes in the concept art. More challenging however was the added iridescent shine to Saar’Jya’s scales. In the book, her scales are described as having an opal like glint when the light catches them at the right angle, similar to a rainbow boa.

We worked on it for a little while, but were able to come up with this here. We added shades of violet, blue, green and a very subtle orange, the same sequence of colors found on a rainbow boa. The end result is something we are very happy with. It may be tones down in the future, but for now, this will do nicely. All in all, a well spent two hours.

Zhyx Chapter 2

You can see the creation of both illustrations as well as the previous versions in the links below.

Chapter 1 Illustration Concept to Completion

Chapter 15 Illustration Concept to Completion

The next illustration we work on will be the cover of the book, and after that we will move on to the next in story illustration.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures.


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