Heavy’s Facelift Continues

The work for our fantasy novel moves ever onwards, with the talented David Spada working on some design tweaks for the villainous dragon, Heavy. Heavy was an interesting character to create, the original intent to make him a very animalistic dragon that was in sharp contrast to the other two in the story. The process by which the character was created can be read here.


Unsatisfied with some of the design, David decided to take another crack at it. This is the piece he turned in just this week.

Heavy Redesign 3

And this is the original design for Heavy turned in last year.

Heavy WordPress

Both designs have elements I like. The new look has Heavy’s body and hands much more articulate, so he isn’t quite as awkward as before. However, the large head, the thick neck, and the spikes that line his arms and legs in the original speak of something that is much more beastly than the protagonist.

Zhyx & Heavy Comparison

Heavy is not an elegant character like the hero. He is a hulking and ugly monstrosity. Ultimately, the new design has a lot of good about it, but I felt it made the character a little too elegant. What we are going to do is combine these two designs in order to make him a little more beastly.


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