SCRIPT – Distant Horizon Act 1

This one has been a long time coming. My second feature script from 2015, and hopefully the start of a long partnership with my dear friend, writer/producer Marc Cubelli, this is a script that I have been thinking about making since the age of 12. It is honestly pretty surreal to see it done fifteen years later.

It began a long time ago when I saw the movie The Day After, and first realized that humanity was capable of destroying itself. The futility of it all instilled in me a morbid curiosity, and I wanted to do my own story on the subject matter some day.

Now it is done. Distant Horizon, by far the darkest thing I have ever written or ever will write, is the story of Louis Wade, a free spirited young man just moving out into the world when he is caught in the middle of a nuclear war. Surviving with his best friend, he and a few other survivors make their way across the country in search of a mysterious radio signal that may mean help. Problems arise en route however as Louis becomes more and more controlling of the caravan, his obsession with survival costing him his health, his sanity, and perhaps even his humanity.

Distant Horizon was a difficult script, but in many ways writing it was very therapeutic. I was going through a bad depression at the time, and this grim, almost nihilistic story of hopelessness actually helped me flush some of that negativity out of my system, so I could focus on more optimistic stories like I wanted.

I am quite proud of this little number though, and have Marc to thank for helping me finish it as this is also a project he believed in. Written with low production values in mind, it plays as a character driven drama in a world going through an agonizingly slow apocalypse.

The first act is available here for all of you to read. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to offer any constructive criticism in the comments.

SCRIPT – Distant Horizon Act 1


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