My First Industry Job

A brief bit of news from me. This week has been a big week, because this week I got my first paying job in the film industry.

I have been interning at a distribution company since September, and just got picked up as a part time employee, where I will be assisting around the office. It is a great place with a great bunch of people.

Today the paperwork was signed, so I will be getting that first industry check at long last.

Forgive me for being more than a little psyched about this. I am happy about this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, my retail job is getting cut way back. Now instead of working there four days a week, I will only be working two, and it will no longer be my primary source of income.

Secondly, this will make me look very attractive to other employers in the industry. All of my positions up to now have been unpaid internships. Now that I will be having a steady income from work in film, that is going to look very nice.

Thirdly, this will be my primary job. No longer retail. I am an employee in the world of the movies.

Hopefully this will be the first of many achievements to be had this year.

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