A Brief Break from Fantasy: My Third Script and the Work that Comes With It

Blondie Cover Draft

Above is another partially completed image from what will become the front cover for the fantasy epic, Never Heroes, this one showing the wise orc professor Graga ‘Blondie’ Kelpla, in all her glory. Of course the image will the subject to change. We are after all very early on in the creation of this cover.

I cannot describe in how many ways this book series has become the center of my life, not that it is a bad thing. Still, though this is my favorite work by far, there are other works that not only give me a break from the book series, but allow me to stretch my creative legs in other genres. It allows me to practice writing and prose, and coming back to the novel after writing a short or script is very refreshing. It is like coming back to the story for the first time, all ready to go with brand new ideas coming in.

With the final edit of my book still ongoing, I have continued to stretch my writing legs with a third feature script, my third in under a year. The sea monster horror script Abyssus (which you can read about in this link https://zhyxthenovel.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/my-next-writing-project-abyssus/) is coming along nicely, already topping 40 pages. Yesterday I reached that point in every horror script when the characters are aware something is going on, and that my freinds is when the story really gets started. Watched both the 50s and 80s versions of The Thing to get myself in the proper mood.

This one I have a really good feeling about, but its creation did bring a lot of busy work to the blog here.

I have the first acts of two of my scripts posted here for public viewing. This presented some problems. I couldn’t copy and paste from a PDF document because the indentations were all off, and if I copied and pasted from a word document, the script wouldn’t be formatted at all. I hatched a plan that I thought was genius, taking screenshots of the PDF document and loading the script in the form of images. The problem was with two scripts, this ate up a lot of space in my media library.

With a third script on the way, this method was just taking up too much room, so I deleted the images and copied and pasted from word, spending five hours re-formatting both scripts just to approach something resembling proper script format. Good news is, it is finally done, and these first acts are available for viewing once again.

CITY OF WOLVES is a horror script that tells of a pack of werewolves trying to keep a low profile in San Francisco. They are soon discovered by a detective, who decides to use the pack to track down a serial killer beheading young women in the city.

SCRIPT – City of Wolves Act 1


DISTANT HORIZON is a bleak post apocalyptic tale of two friends who escape Los Angeles moments before a nuclear war engulfs the world, and team up with another group of survivors to trace a mysterious radio signal coming from the mountains of Idaho.

SCRIPT – Distant Horizon Act 1

Hope you all enjoy these. The full scripts are available to anyone who asks. Just shoot me a message and I will send you the link and password. Expect to see Abyssus up here sometime in the next month and a half. I will keep you posted on how these and other writing projects are coming along.


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