My Latest Script, Abyssus, is finished.

Today is a big day folks. After two weeks of work, my latest script, the horror tale Abyssus is finally done.

Ever since this project’s origins, it has always been a personal favorite. My first draft of this script was written back in 2012, where I quietly wrote it off as a failure and forgot about it. Earlier this year though, I started to get more ideas for it, inspired by movies like Alien and The Thing.

The story is simple. A safety inspector and the eleven man skeleton crew of a newly commissioned oil platform uncover that a malevolent sea creature has snuck on board. Cut off from civilization by five hundred miles of stormy sea with their radio, chopper and lifeboats crippled, the bio-luminescent beast gruesomely picks off the crew one by one. The men must band together to defeat their enemy, an enemy that may be smarter than they initially thought.

Abyssus is a script meant to assault its audience much like any great horror film, but it is also done with a spirit of fun, meant to recall the days of the classic 50s Universal monster movies.

One thing I hate is to see a story go unfinished, and four years later, I can safely say Abyssus is finished. I also got this new draft finished in two weeks, a new personal best for a script. Working on this script also gave me a much needed break from my Never Heroes book series. After a short break from writing, the writing of book number 2 in the series will begin.

So without further delay, here is the first act of Abyssus. Feel free to contact me and I will give you the password to view the full script. Also, don’t be shy about offering some constructive criticism in the comments. I hope you all enjoy, and don’t scream too loud.

SCRIPT – Abyssus Act 1


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