This Year In Writing

It has been just under a year since I finished my first draft of my first novel, the fantasy/adventure novel Never Heroes. Looking back, it is hard to believe just how productive these last twelve months have been.

In that time, I completed a second draft of Never Heroes and edited it, finished the short scripts for The Dragon In the Warehouse, Forgotten Apocalypse, and The Ice Cream Man, the last of which was made into a short film directed by yours truly, wrote three feature scripts for City of Wolves, Distant Horizon, and Abyssus, and completed two short stories, The Phantom in the Pit and Mare. A full length novel, two short stories, three feature scripts, three short scripts and a short film. It’s the kind of body of work most don’t complete in a lifetime.

With such a massive body of work done, it seems an opportune moment to take a vacation.

Rest assured, the vacation won’t be for very long. Honestly, I wonder if I will even last the month and a half I have planned. Writing isn’t just a passion of mine. It became a way of life. This art form was my chosen method of survival and maintaining my sanity while working a job in retail. When working at a job like that, you watch the days of your life slowly drip away, and your passions and dreams seem ever the more further out of reach. Even if it is just a part time position, it takes a toll on you.

Things were different when I was writing. On my lunch hours and during my breaks I would pound away at the keyboard. I would deliberately come into work early, sometimes as much as six hours, putting myself in a position without internet for the sole purpose of working without any distractions. All the while, there was a feeling that I was working towards something, something that seemed more within my grasp with each stroke of my Mac’s letter keys. Writing fulfilled a deep desire not just to pass the time or seek a new profession. It was my way of maintaining hope.

Hope is something in short supply at times.

Much has changed since this time last year. I now have my first film industry job and am earning more money than ever before. I have reconnected with many old friends with similar aspirations of working in the arts. Overall am in a much better place than before. Still, there is that desire. I almost can’t contain that drive to just keep going.

There certainly are several other projects to consider, from comedies, to horror films, and of course the next three books in the Never Heroes saga. Even now, by the day, the ideas won’t stop. None of them will rest until they’re finished.

Even though not a lot of writing will be done in this time, things will continue to take shape on other fronts. The elements of the cover for Never Heroes continue to have life breathed into them. As seen here, Major Celice Arietta and Professor Graga “Blondie’ Kelpla are looking in rare form. Even now they are very presentable, but they will look even better by the time this cover is finished. Perhaps I can use this time to finally brush up on that drawing tablet and help out with some of these illustrations myself.

Celice and Blondie Cover

I really wonder if I will last that month and a half. In this time, writing has just come to feel so correct for me. The idea of it becoming a profession has me feeling more than a little gleeful, and each project has only served to increase my confidence.

Friends and relatives have asked me how I write so much. It may be because of the confidence it offers. I write because it is the only time I see in me what everyone else seems to.

I may really have to force myself to finish this month and a half.


2 thoughts on “This Year In Writing

  1. One of the most inspiring posts I’ve read about pursuing your passions. I am all too familiar with your description of “the days of your life slowly drip away, and your passions and dreams seem ever the more further out of reach.” Thank you for reminding me that following your desires does, over time, pay off.

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    • Yes, those days can be very difficult to get through. Everyone has that something though that keeps them going and makes you feel good about yourself. Once you have that, it makes the days much easier. You stop thinking about having lost a day, and start thinking about gaining an accomplishment. I wish you the best of luck.

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