New Concept Art for Never Heroes & Abyssus Coming Soon

Yesterday was a big day in the way of artwork for both the Never Heroes book series and my horror script Abyssus. The main villain from book 1 of Never Heroes, the villainous dragon Heavy, is almost done and needs only to go through some small adjustments before he is posted here. I saw the progress on the art last night, and it is nothing short of breathtaking.

Additionally, work on another element of the cover began on our designer’s end. he will be drawing the heroic dragon, Zhyx, to be added to our growing collage.

Every bit as exciting is this early piece of concept art for the monsters in the recently completed script for Abyssus. Our designer began with the McFarlane sea monster as a base before branching off, looking at various species of deep sea fish and ancient crocodiles in search for the right combination to make the audience shiver.

The creature pictured here is not a final product, but it is a wonderful start.

Abyssus Concept Art 1

More such artwork coming soon. In the meantime, give David Spada a hand for his amazing work.

If you love monsters and creatures, be sure to check out his blog at Monster Legacy. He has astounding articles for such creature greats as Alien, Predator, Godzilla, An American Werewolf in London and more.

Thanks for reading and I’ll make the art available as it is finished.


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