We Have An Editor!

Though my personal break from writing has begun, my projects continue to move along. The fantasy/adventure novel Never Heroes has been going through a final polish before the query process continues. I was doing this editing myself, but always felt a small tinge of worry. It was after all my book, and was thus hard to view objectively.

Yesterday, those worries were put to rest. Through a writer’s group I attend, I met an editor. She agreed to do the book for a price that is very affordable, especially when you consider the cost of most editors is usually around 2 or 4 k. She agreed to do it for less than 1 k.

Editing a manuscript is an important, often overlooked part of the writing process. It’s like editing a movie in many ways. You still need to trim, fix a line of dialogue here and there, and alter any number of words or phrases in your prose in order to maximize the emotional punch of the work. It’s all about understanding the ideas you’re trying to communicate, and communicating them more clearly.

As such, it probably isn’t the best idea to self edit, or even have a close friend do it. You could miss any number of small errors in the writing, and in many cases, a friend of course will tell you how awesome it is and not much else. Editors work best when they are objective, coming onto the scene with fresh eyes and fresher ideas.

A few days ago she sent me a sample page showing how her editing style worked, I liked it, we met on Skype yesterday, drew up a contract, and got to work. She estimates being done with her edit sometime in March, so not too far off.

Better yet, she is also a graphic designer. This means for a little extra, we can work together and create that ever elusive title font for out front cover.

I cannot begin to tell you all the relief this brings. Not only does it mean the search for an agent will continue much sooner than expected, but it also means I’ll be able to take that period of rest after-all, ensuring that in April when work finally begins on book two of the series, I won’t be burnt out.

This year did get off to a rough start with the sad end to my trip to Ohio, and the unexpected change in management at my apartment. As of late though, things are going pretty good with a new job, three new writing projects finished, and now my pride and joy finally getting its fine mirror shine before I attempt again to send it out into the world.


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